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BIGRENOS Constructions is a specialist in basement renovations and side cutting windows and provide consulting facilities to their client. Part of the global BIGRENOS is known for the innovation, creativity and technological mastery with which we tackle the most complex of projects.


We undertake new build and refurbishment schemes as well as long-term contracts to operate and maintain assets and facilities. Our clients include national government, local authorities, transport bodies, hospitals, universities, housing.


BIGRENOS Construction takes a collaborative, partnership approach to projects, building professional relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We operate a culture of teamwork, openness and support, in which everyone is encouraged to strive for excellence. Social value and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do, and our health and safety record is second to none.  We are also able to draw on the expertise of other companies and subsidiaries around the world.
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Windows cutting is a sensitive matter and can be challenging at times due to safety associated with the other adjoining parts. We have extensive experience in precisely handling window cutting projects.

We have the state-of-the-art equipments to eliminate your concerns about door obstructions during movements. We can cut the doors to the required size that would never create trouble in its functionalities.

There is nothing better than renovating your old styled basements. We can assist you with the ideas and expertise to successfully accomplish your basement renovation


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